Rheumatologist Dr. Toshima Yamauchi  made a research with extreme cold therapy in 1978 in Japan.  He used freezing treatments of short duration on his patients with rheumatoid arthritis for pain management purposes, that is associated with the disease. Rapid short-term freezing of the skin surface led to immediate release of endorphins and is more effective than gradual cooling in an ice bath. The word ”cryotherapy” has its origin in Greek words: “cryo” = cold, and ”therapeia” = cure. 
Cryotherapy is a treatment, which involves application of very low temperatures (-130 °C to -190 °C) for therapeutic purposes. Extremely low temperatures are an efficient way to trigger self-healing mechanisms. 
What it is like 
Experiences with whole-body cryotherapy may vary based on the reason of your visit. During the session the person is up to the neck in a mixture of air and nitrogen vapors (-130 °C to -190 °C). Only a thin layer of the skin surface is cooled to the temperature from 5 °C to 11 °C, where thermal receptors are located. They send a signal to the brain, that the person’s life might be in danger. To protect the body from the cold, the brain gives orders to all peripheral parts of the body to constrict the muscles and tissues in order to send blood to the core of the body, internal organs are surrounded by the enriched blood, crucial life processes are accelerated. Due to slow transmission the brain receives this information after 1 to 3 minutes, when the whole-body cryotherapy is over, so the body starts scanning all organs and systems searching for the source and regulating all vital processes. 
Benefits of whole-body cryotherapy in sports: 
 Treats chronic sports injuries, 
 Speeds up recovery after sports injuries, 
 The cryotherapy is one of the most effective methods to increase strenght and endurance and to ensure rapid recovery, 
 Muscle inflammation and pain, 
 Relieves fatigue and delayed onset muscle soreness, 
 developing and maintaining of top athletic form, 
 Improved joint function, 
 Improved muscle strength, 
 Allows more intense training, 
 Boosts blood circulation, 
 Faster return to training, 
 Increase of muscle tone, 
 Helpful for joint and spinal disorder,
 Decreased fatigue, more energy. 

Benefits of whole-body cryotherapy in beauty and spa: 
 prevention of aging, anti-wrinkle effect, 
 collagen production (from 300 % to 500 %), 
 improvement of skin tone and circulation, 
 treating skin diseases, for example psoriasis, dermatitis, 
 cellulite reduction, 
 the patient loses up to 1000 kcal during one procedure, 
 strengthening and treatment of hair and nails, 
 boosting the metabolic processes, 
 quick and efficient recovery after illness or surgery, 
 activation of body´s natural regeneration processes,  
 improving blood circulation, 
 anti-swelling (improves lymph circulation responsible for swelling).
Benefits of whole-body cryotherapy in area of health: 
 Multiple sclerosis, 
 Chronic pain, phantom pain (analgesic - pain relief - signals of pain are slowed down), 
 Chronic fatigue,  
 Rejuvenation of the body, 
 relaxing (promoting release of the hormones of happiness), 
 anti-inflammatory (speeds up recovery, white blood cells work much faster), 
 Strengthening and improvement of immune system, 
 improvement of sleep, 
 relieving of stress, 
 overall rejuvenating.
We offer the cryosauna (also known as cryocabin, cryochamber, cryopod) in two main types:  
1. Unpressurized Dewar type 
 uses liquid nitrogen from an unpressurized Dewar vessel, 
 low nitrogen consumption, minimum pre-cooling time, automatic drying takes 60 minutes, easy to operate. 
Standard component set includes: 
 2 Dewar vessels with roller bases (40 L each) 
 2 pairs of fur boots 
 big temperature display 
2. Pressurized vessel type 
 uses liquid nitrogen from a pressurized vessel (from 80 L to 5000 L), which you can rent from your local nitrogen supplier, 
 low nitrogen consumption, minimum pre-cooling time, automatic drying takes 60 minutes, easy to operate. 
Standard component set includes: 
 2 pairs of fur boots
 big temperature display 


You can choose your cryosauna in different outer shells:  
Technical specifications
 Operating temperature inside the cabin is attained in less than 30 s.
 Admission rate of a cryosauna - up to 20 persons per hour. 
 During the session the temperature inside the cabin is ranging from - 110° to - 190°C. 
 Liquid nitrogen consumption: for preliminary cooling to - 110 °C - up to 3.5 L,
for one session from 1.5 L to 3.5 L (averagely 1.5 L of liquid nitrogen per every minute of a session). Oversize model - consumption is + about 5 to 10 %. 
 Capacity of the Dewar vessel is 40 L. 
 The plant operates by alternating current with a frequency of 50 Hz (220±22 V),
consumable power 1.5 kWh. 
 Weight of the cryosauna is no more than 380 kg. 
 Total area covered by the plant - no more than 3 sq.m. 
In case of any questions feel free to contact us by email
 The price lists are available by email on request.