What is floating? 
Floating tank was found in 1950s by Dr. John C. Lilly. Floating in water, in a large tank, immitates the Dead sea and a weightless state by it´s salt density. This state is natural for humans and it is very healthy, it makes the muscles, back and joints relax. During floating, the body and brain are free from load caused by gravity, the weakened parts of the body can regenerate and strengthen. 
The benefits of floating
 synchronization of both brain hemispheres
 reduction of stress, fatigue, sleep disorders, migraines
 higher production of endorphins (hormones of happiness). This can last for days or even weeks
  after repeated floating sessions.
 electrical activity of brain during floatation is getting to alpha and theta state. In theta state,
  the self-healing mechanisms are activated, and balance of body and mind is occuring.
 faster regeneration after injuries
 purifying effect on the body thanks to salt water                                             
 regeneration of the body
 good influence on muscoloskeletal system: pain, injuries, back surgeries
 positive influence on skin disorders like acne, eczema, psoriasis
 positive effect on wrinkles
 regeneration of athletes
 Floating tank - order and design, exclusive models
With each order the team designs the location of your floatation tank, this including the construction and interior design costs. The team of engineers and interior designers, in cooperation with you, will create a design, that will fulfill your idea, expectation and needs, and will fit to your surroundings. Except our standard white model, we can offer models on request like exclusive quality colours, materials and designs. Swarovski crystals, silver, gold, mosaic, black piano lacquer, silver, gold, matt surfaces and Kevlar are only a few of the options you have to let your floatation tank become the jewel of your home, spa or wellness. 



The system of water cleaning and treatments allows the clients, one following another, to use the tank in a perfect cleanness and hygiene. Before and after each use by the client, all the capacity of the water is cleaned twice with the use of four different methods. In case you do not have any treatments during the day, the tank automatically cleans the water more times during the day. The perfect cleaning of the water consists of chemical, physical and mechanical methods. Disinfection of the inner surface of the tank after each session, and also antibacterial material the tank is made of, offer hygienic and clean environment for your perfect experience. 

 Illustration of the system filling and cleaning the water.


Premium Floating room
Premium floating room has a nice design, pool cleaning system, professional and energy-saving hardware. In floating room, you can choose a 30, 60 or 90 minute session, where each treatment starts and ends with a light, sound and also aromatherapy, if you would like to. The water is very clean, it contains 30% MgSO4, i.e., epsom or bitter salt, which along with floating, has positive effects on your skin, body, back, muscles and joints. During the treatment you float on the water surface, soaked with salt, without using your senses. Muscles and joints are free of influences of gravity. In warm and silent surrounding you enjoy a silent weightless feeling, without disturbing external factors, without light (like in a womb), so your brain can relax and meditate in Theta state. During this experience your body and brain relax, and they regenerate 4 up to 5 times faster than during sleep. 

Why to choose Premium Floating system: 
 Maximum hygiene and cleaning just like in pools. Before and after every use by client, all the water is cleaned with use of four different methods. In case you do not have any treatments during the day, the tank automatically cleans the water more times during the day. No chlorine is used, but active oxygen. You can set the parameters of water cleaning system in the software.
 Beautiful design.
 The body of the tank is made of antibacterial acryl.
 The water is stored and heated in a tank, it is pumped to the room through filters before the session, it is heated also in the room to keep it´s temperature during the treatment. - Energetically effective (max. consumption 2,3 kW/h). - Simple cleaning. You can easily clean the empty room from salt with regular hand shower. After 200 sessions, the filters can be easily exchanged (acryl, glass-sand, active coal), this change is very simple to do with help of User manual.
 Magnesium sulphate (MgSO4), i.e., epsom or bitter salt (food quality), present during the session has a lot of positive effects on your body.
 Computer control system with a touch screen.
 Amazing unforgettable experience.
 An option of aromatherapy, also setting beautiful lights, external music, or music from the setlist.
 Team of people will help you to create a design of your floating room.
 Professional team, which will install the floatation system for you. 
We offer this incredible product to everyone, who wants to experience floating, they care about their health, they want to relax or meditate. We also offer it to people with joint conditions, sportsmen, busy people and students. It is recommended for all the hotels, SPA, sports, wellness and health centers, that would like to widen their services and offer something new and unique. Experience the most advanced flotation environment available today! The floatation tanks are created to offer the maximum relaxation. They were engineered to be looking like stones lying on a sandy beach. Soothing scents, nature and harmony are joining to contribute to your amazing experience of relaxation. 
If you are interested to purchase a floatation tank or room, do not hesitate to contact us info@luxuryspa.sk.

 The price lists are available by email on request. 


 A short video about floating and it´s benefits.